Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blogging Problems...

As many of you probably know I was recently married and have started this newest chapter of my life. Well I guess its techinically OUR lives now. But as for this blog, I've sort of put it on the backburner with everything else going on. I'm still working on a pre/post-wedding blog to talk about what we experienced going into te wedding planning upto and including the time after the reception and getting things fixed that didn't go according to plan as well as some other things.

In case you missed it, I changed jobs in April and have been loving my new position and school. I'm in enrollment now and also working back in Harrisburg at Central Pennsylvania College. Erin and I are in the midst of buying a house and wow did we find a jewel. I'll have a blog about that one too!

Until next time...this has been my two cents (appreviated and updating version)

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